IT virtualization vendors like Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS have some pretty amazing offerings for businesses to scale costs according to variable demands. It’s interesting that they both recommend setting budget policies and define stringent security policies because you can very easily generate invoices for tens of thousands of dollars!

Intelligent design of what components remain in-house, which are virtualized and where become crucial questions to provide appropriate performance delivery and cost.

Abuntech On-Premises and Hybrid Virtualization services enable you to plan and execute:

  • Service Location – Careful analysis of your business information flow along with your business requirements will determine the best location. Whether this is in the cloud, on one or more of your internal servers, or partially on internal servers and partially on the cloud is driven by requirements and business costs.
  • Demand Scaling – Do you need your Internet facing services to be able to scale up during a marketing campaign? Or are you growing and keep outgrowing your internal servers before their depreciation schedule is done? Virtualization may be answer for you.
  • Compliance Limitations – Is your adoption of cloud solutions limited by your legal obligations for compliances? Proper design of a hybrid solution can take advantage of virtualization and cloud along with on-premises security.

Abuntech can enable your business to enjoy the benefits of hybrid virtualization without runaway costs or compliance problems. Get started today with a free virtualization consultation.

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