Being unprepared for a disaster like Ransomware or a fire has been the cause of many a business failure. These days most businesses have an existential dependence on their IT systems — more than is realized. The most important factor to keep your business running is to protect it’s operating assets. That is why a solid Backup Continuity Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plan should be a high priority.

Are you prepared before a disaster happens?

Some questions to consider about your current disaster recovery risk:

  • Formal Plan – Do you have a written BCDR Plan in place?
  • Tested Plan – Have you tested it to ensure you can trust it?
  • Robust Plan – How often do you test it? When was the most recent test?
  • With Time Criteria – With your current data Backup system, how long does it take to recover?
  • With Financial Criteria Have you measured the financial cost of downtime for your business? What is it per hour? For each component of your infrastructure (eg: phone system, internet access, in-house server)?
  • Resilient Bare Metal Recovery – In the event of a physical disaster, is there an offsite copy of your Recovery Plan? How long from walking into an empty new building before you’re operational?

Few people like to consider negative circumstances. Yet those that do actually reap operational benefits from this planning. For example, the same design to recover from a fire can be used to retrieve the revision of a document from last month, that would save your staff hours of recreation.

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