Having a business presence on the Internet is a complex endeavor, involving many “moving parts” that always seem to be in motion!

Abuntech’s Hosting & Domain Management (HSP) approach is to pull all the pieces together so that they are answerable to your business goals:

  • Domain Management (DNS) – Today, DNS on the Internet is a crucial part of management of issues of single sign-on (SSO), email deliverability, and website performance.
  • Website scaling & Marketing – Coordinating your business marketing with the scaling of your website infrastructure. Did that last mailing crash your website?
  • Website Incremental Development – Do you find that management of small incremental changes to your website require too many internal resources, or just aren’t done correctly? Does adding that new section turn into a big expensive project?
  • Business Tool Integration – Do contact requests on your website get pushed into your prospect lists automatically? Do your mailings get delivered and read for these new people?
  • Social Media Integration – Are your business social media accounts well integrated with things like business texting? If your customers text your main business number, is anyone at home?

Abuntech HSP services manage these issues and so many more for your business.

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