A migration is the process of moving business IT services from one platform to another, such as from your LAN server to the cloud. Such IT Services generally consists of documents, databases, business workflows, IT processes, and applications.

This data can be migrated from the LAN to the cloud for backup, or as part of a new cloud-based operating platform.

Generally, these types of migrations are best handled by Managed IT services or at least by IT consulting services of some kind.

Email to Cloud Migration

The newest and most advanced technology for email hosting is Microsoft 365, with Google Workspace running second – and a little behind. If you are ready to begin using these, Abuntech can manage this migration with ease.

Why Migrate Your Emails to the Cloud?

The main benefits are:

  • Saving time, money and headaches – The commonly used platforms most people use have substantial downsides, including deliverability problems.
  • High Availability – Even with three nines (99.9%) uptime, this means at least a half day outage every year. And its pretty much guaranteed this outage will happen during a critical time.
  • Modern Necessities – most on-premises or dated 3rd party solutions like GoDaddy email have issues providing multi-factor authentication (MFA), encryption and HIPPA or PCI compliance.
  • Delayed Best Practices – Some services are slow to respond to changes in best practices.

Migration of email services to the cloud is one important and easy to understand goal. There are many other services that may be migrated to the cloud, that end up on providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Leverage our experience to plan your migration.

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