Business websites used to be a stand-alone tech that was like an electronic brochure. Now business websites are much more tightly integrated into whole business processes. The marketplace also has an escalating set of expectations of how business websites should entertain as well as provide seamless relational connections.

Some things that business website designers need to be experts in:

  • Mobile Responsive Designs – There are over 3.7 billion global mobile users, a standard is in place that says websites must accommodate the mobile market. Many owners don’t know if their websites are, or are not! Websites change their whole presentation based on the viewport size, whether desktop, tablet or phone.
  • Site Optimization (SEO) – Your website may look good, yet that’s just a part of people ending up on it. At Abuntech, you will never have to pay extra to have your site designed to today’s search engine optimization standards.
  • 90 Day Warranty – We stand behind our work with pride. We offer an industry leading 90 Day Warranty on all of our website designs
  • Payment Gateways – Does your website integrate with your existing payment processors (like Paya or Stripe)? How how about sales tax (Avalara)? 
  • Designed-in Integrations – Abuntech designs your website with business process integrations done at the get-go, along with email deliverability tools, and anti-spam.

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